A report in this week issue of Nature magazine reveals that an international research team based in Ethiopia has uncovered evidence that Australopithecus afarensis human ancestors circa the skeleton colloquially known as butchered animals, presumably for nutritious meat and bone marrow. Tool marks made by sharp, heavy rocks were found on 3.4 millionyearold fossilized rib and thigh bones from animals, indicating that moncler outlet humans began eating meat 800,000 years earlier than was previously believed.

Team member Shannon McPherron, an archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, moncler wrote in a statement released by the institute, when we imagine Lucy walking around the east African landscape looking for food, we can for the first time imagine her with a stone tool in hand and looking for meat. He noted that the animal bones in question come from an impalasized creature and one closer in size to a bear.

PETA members might not see this as cause for celebration, but as staunch omnivores, we say honor your ancestors and roast up a couple of marrow bones for dinner.

Glycemic load of meals (which carbohydrates cause the greatest load because they are glucose), leptin and insulin receptors determine how fat a person is. The faster Americans understand that, the better off we all be. This is all on a cellular level. Proteins shouldn be blamed necessarily. The argument about meat is so old, a basic Biology class dispels most of the nutrition myths today. So everyone should moncler outlet just be happy with the diet of their choice, discrimination and being condescending isn necessary on EITHER SIDE.

You are such a nitwit. Not all of us that eat meat are out of shape or disgusting. I for one am certainly NOT. That is reserved for people who eat irresponsibly. If you ever looked at a chart of correlation between heart disease and diabetes, you know this. It actually has nothing to do with the amount of meat you consume, it mostly to do with the types of fat that you eat. The body burns carbohydrates, proteins and then fats, and only turns moncler anything into fat after GROSS over eating, which is much more than any regular person consumes. Example, people in the Mediterranean region die from heart disease at a dramatically lower rate, not because they don eat meat (because they DO, most definitely) but because they consume fats that have Omega3 (ie olive oil). Being a vegetarian has almost nothing to do with your body storage of fat. Look at any basic twin study, and how even ones separated at birth with completely different eating habits will be within five pounds of each other most of the time. Eating meat doesn make you a fatass any more than wearing a wig makes a pig human.

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The superiority complex held by both sides is sickening. I bet I in better shape than you are, and I eat meat. Not because I eat meat, but because I understand nutrition. Another thing: your body only processes nutrients as proteins when you have all of them there. Meat is the only substance that has all of the components to make up a whole protein, that why we eat it. It easier to eat a small portion of cheap moncler meat than it is to combine two or three foods to make up a full protein. (If that makes to your feeble mind). It takes ten different components to make up a protein, by the way.

All said and done, your obvious disdain for meat eaters comes from a superiority complex that you probably never get rid of, which is fine, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

August 18, 2010 at 8:02 am Reply

Your arguments reek of pop culture health and pedantry. Balancing amino acids/protein is trivial and requires no meat or animal products. You are obviously trying to make your argument sound rational by tossing around studies and anecdotal nonsense. Correlation does not imply causality and nothing can be proven without impossible or unethical control studies, fine. You call me a and say I act and go on to say moncler condescending isn necessary on EITHER SIDE And then this gem easier to eat a small portion of meat than it is to combine two or three foods to make up a full protein. (If that makes to your feeble mind) So you are saying that I am feeble minded because I eat two different foods to be healthy? Does this imply that you eat a slab of meat and nothing else in a meal? A small portion of cheap moncler meat actually represents a gigantic portion of animal feed. Maybe you are just lazy and have simply commandeered another animal digestive system for your convenience. As a good Hoosier you are guilty for being lazy and must rationalize.

August 20, 2010 at 9:36 am Reply

You just made me laugh out loud, Meatisgross. I am a meat eater, a very healthy, intelligent, and just moncler as evolved as you, meat eater. I am also not fat by any means. I live a very healthy lifestyle and am very proud to eat meat. I do not hate you for being a vegitarian, I only hate you because you act like you are much more superior because of your lifestyle. Why should I be jealous of your ignorance? I ok with you being a vegitarian, but I NOT ok with you thinking you are superior to every one who isn And, if everyone in the world ate as much meat as Americans there would not be a hunger problem, and I love to hear more about your of 4 planet Earths argument. Do you have a college education?

August 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm Reply

I just heard one more than I can stand comment about the way animals are raised. First, many of your cattle are raised in the west, where they roam over hundreds of thousands of acres of range land in a natural habitat. Those destined for the table roam free until time for fattening and then they are sent to the feed lot where a tasty nutritious diet is provided 24 hours a day. They are not in cages, but in pens, where there is plenty of room to lie down and chew their cuds, stretch in the sun and nap between trips to the hay, grain and water bins. If given the choice between returning to a life on the range, or lying around the feed lot, they would definitely stay in the feed lot. No we don provide self help classes, TV or yoga because animals cheap moncler aren interested in those things. They only care about eating, defecating and sleeping. They ANIMALS! The meat that is raised in the mid west and east are still usually pasture raised because its CHEAPER than confining them. They have pasture in the spring and summer and in the fall they are turned into the residue fields from crops and are fed hay, because its CHEAPER than confining them in pens and feeding grain. That why we don have to pay $100/lb for meat like they do in Japan. Then they are sent to the feedlot to fatten. They don know they are destined for a dinner table. They are thrilled to be in the feed lotplenty of food, water and cow friends. They are then sent up a ramp (no fearthey have already been up many ramps in their life) and at the top a bolt gun, stuns them. They don see it coming and are rendered immediately unconscious. If they see the cow in front of them go down, they aren afraid. They are ANIMALS! They only care about their own feelings, except mother cows who care about their caves while they are very youngthis is called INSTINCT! Watch a nature vidio sometime and notice how the wildebeeste all settle down and contentedly graze after the lions have made their kill, with no empathy what so ever for their cousin being munched to bits just yards away. ANIMALS are ANIMALS, smart in their own way and loving in their own way, but if the choice is to be eaten or not, all but dogs would turn your butt over to the predator in a hot tick! PS. We don eat dogs.

August 16, 2010 at 12:16 pm Reply

Because they needed yet another rationalization for insane foodies so they can slurp animal guts moncler without being guilty or disgusted. With regard to your post above, I seriously doubt you would eat rat meat, horse rectum or boiled kitten eyeballs. This isn about the world or objectivist BS. You draw a line because it is necessary but for the sake argument you claim to be an unbiased, pure omnivore. The vast majority of the moncler outlet uk population eats meat and animal products are everywhere. Your position is therefore an easy one to take. If a person objects to a socially accepted practice and is vocal about it they stand out (I won bore you with examples, you seem capable of coming up with them on your own). We all know what happens to people who reject social norms. Society doesn like and will marginalize them. This marginalization is promoted by powerful and wealthy profit making enterprises. This is why we are so angry and spout off so much. Sorry for that, seriously, I sure it annoying.

August 13, 2010 at 2:35 pm Reply

I do eat meat and have tried being a vegetarian. I trying to stay away from meat as much as possible to be very healthy. Usually i eat meat around 2 days a week. My friends have also tried being a vegetarian and we have found that once you become vegetarian for about a couple weeks you begin to lose the craving for meat. I use to love meat especially steak. But now the thought of a bloody steak (medium rare) doesn have the same appeal. As for the bible, it doesn say don eat meat but to stay away from the unclean ones such as pork and shellfish. Which makes sense since pork has the highest fat percentage as well as bacteria content. shell fish are also bottom feeders and filter feeders. its amazing how a dirty looking moncler lake will turn clean once some clams are added.

August 13, 2010 at 1:31 pm Reply

For all vegetarians who think eating meat is murder what makes it ok for you to put price on life? How is killing living plant matter any different that moncler outlet uk killing a cow? Bottom line is that you have to kill something to survive, whether its a plant or an animal. If you really want to live by your argument, start only ingesting food from chemically derived sources with nonliving base ingredients. Last time I checked there wasn an aisle at the supermarket with a section like that.

August 13, 2010 at 8:40 am Reply

Actually, some people don The reason there isn an aisle for dog and cat meat is that in the western world, most people see them exclusively as companion animals and therefore there is no market for it. In other parts of the world, they have a much more open view towards meat. I personally would have no problem eating such meat were it available as long as it wasn someone actual pet.

The thing is, eating meat is not murder in any way, shape or form. No more than eating plant matter. You kill either way. Where you draw your line and where I draw mine is different. And that okay. To each his own. Except most vegetarian/vegans don feel that way. Their way is the ONLY way and they make sure you know it. It not that most people object to someone choice not to eat meat. They object to being told that their choice to eat meat is wrong.

August 13, 2010 at 1:45 pm Reply

Your logic my dear friend, is chronically misguided. Taking the life of a conscious animal for food purposes is not the same as moncler outlet uk eating the fruits of a tree or the produce of a vegetable plant. Trees provide their bounty for consumption without harm to the source (you eat the apple, not the tree). Do you ever wonder why in some countries some aniamls (cows for example) are sacred? To further support my point, why then do some animals only eat fruits and vegetables, and leaves, and yet they do not have protein deficiencies, or malnutrition, or atrophy of muscles because of lack of meat intake. take for example, apes, they eat mostly fruits and barks, and saps of trees, but they are muscular and strong, immune to most diseases and all this without eating meat. Eating meat is a CHOICE, like everything else in life. Freewill is our gift, and we exercise it as we choose. But one should never equate the killing of an animal for food as being equal to eating the fruits of a tree. One action respects/supports life (eating of the fruit of the tree/souce), the other does not respects/supports life (eating the cow/source).

August 13, 2010 at 12:10 pm Reply

No offense, but what you just said makes no sense at all. By your logic, eating the source is wrong, which means you literally couldn moncler eat anything not off a tree because nothing else automatically regenerates year after year.

Conversely, by your logic, you could still eat the source once it has had some offspring. Then its genes have been passed and you are merely eliminating one source a little sooner than it would have naturally been eliminated, with no break in the potential line from generation to generation. Which is a good point for renewability, but not for the argument against eating any meat at all.

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